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Before commencing an editing project, it is useful for all parties to agree on an editing format. Different people tend to prefer different presentations. Generally, the old-style proofreading marks which work so well for manual editing do not have an equal in electronic media. Here are some options I have used with different clients.

This page has a chart and key which make errors and corrections clear.This format charts each notation and lists page, location, reason, and a suggestion or two for correction. Sometimes an additional comment field is added for return comments.
Regular proofreader's marks do not work well with electronic media. That being the case, we have an alternative markup system.
Comments and Tracking
Comments are a word feature where comments and footnotes are posted at the end of a doc.
Copy-Ed options text
Copy-Ed options Form.pdf
Freytag's Triangle illustrates narrative theory
Syd Field's Theory of Dramatic Structure
standard contract